How SEO Reseller Packages Can Help You Grow Your Business

It’s practically impossible to make a case that search engine optimization isn’t one of the most important online marketing strategies for businesses to implement: 93% of Internet experiences start with a search engine query (with Google owning 65-70% of the market share), and a full 70-80% of searchers ignore paid ads, choosing organic results instead.

But if anything is as clear as the importance of SEO, it’s the difficulty of accomplishing it without falling into short-term schemes that don’t pay off — something you probably know if you’re running a small web design business or online marketing agency. One way small businesses can dodge part of the heavy workload that comes along with SEO while still offering this vital service to their clients is by working with an SEO reseller, essentially outsourcing all the technical work involved. Here are the three biggest benefits of that route:

  1. Focus:
    At the center of any outsourcing decision is the idea of focusing on core competencies. When you hire an SEO reseller to optimize your clients’ websites and build robust content creation programs designed to earn reputable backlinks, you’re gaining the years of experience that company’s staff has in researching and tracking every ranking algorithm update and SEO trend. That, in turn, frees you up to focus on the core competencies of your business, whether that means simply selling the SEO packages you outsource or doing other aspects of web design and marketing.
  2. Affordability:
    SEO as it exists in 2015 is a work-intensive process including technical measures, content creation and ongoing analysis; assembling the team to take care of all of those aspects can be very expensive, as well, if you try to take care of it in house. But by outsourcing to a larger SEO company, you can offer those same services to your clients at a much lower price and still make a healthy profit for yourself.
  3. Support:
    When you work with a private label SEO reseller, you’re still the main point of contact with the client, and customer service work is your most important function. But it takes some specialized product knowledge to effectively resell SEO; you don’t need to know how to implement each aspect of a robust and ongoing SEO strategy, but you do need to know what those pieces are and which ones your clients need. A great reseller program won’t leave you on your own, instead providing you with the tools to learn all that information and sell effectively even if you’ve never worked with SEO before.

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